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DIY Massive Concrete Cobblestone Patio



Many of you have wondered about the patio shown in the DIY Barrel Stove Outdoor Furnace pictures. In this topic, I will discuss how I built the patio using a concrete walkway maker form. I specifically used this one: [#AD] 



I will dedicate this topic specifically to the use of the concrete walkway maker form. If you wish to actually build the same thing, you should follow best practices for creating a structurally sound patio base as I did using the appropriate geo-textile fabric underlayment, crushed stone for aggregate, and all the requisites for building a sound base. This topic assumes you are knowledgeable in this area and / or you can do the research to discover how to create a prepared site / patio base structure.

Prepared patio base

Picture 017

Materials and Equipment

  • 80 pound bags of concrete – to form the actual patio
  • [#AD] Cobblestone Walkmaker Form – Several of these were simultaneously used to form the cobblestone pattern
  • Concrete Mixer – to mechanize the mixing of concrete, otherwise this is an immensely laborious task
  • Strips of cardboard – to create custom forms for cobblestones near the edges and corners of your patio dimensions
  • Crushed Stone Dust – this is swept into the cobblestone spaces once done. I would NOT use sand as that does not interlock like stone dust

Using the forms

  • Mix concrete to desired consistency
  • Insert concrete into forms
  • Vibrate, tap, and trowel shapes
  • Remove form
  • Advance form and repeat

2013-07-05 15.36.04

Picture 026


First use as many full-sized forms as possible. Eventually, you will need to create the cobblestones that are missing.


I had her test the patio while it was under construction!



I was testing the patio out as well, while under construction! Works great!



Creating Partial Cobblestones

  • Create cardboard forms for individual stones not made by walk maker form
  • Fill with concrete
  • Remove cardboard the next day
  • Use your artistic abilities to create similar stone shapes

2013-08-10 13.56.38

2013-08-10 13.56.20






Once you create all cobblestones and let the patio cure for at least 1 day, you can sweep and fill the cracks with crushed stone dust.




Decorate and Enjoy!

2014-04-13 14.54.23


If you enjoyed this topic and you would also like to watch a video slideshow of EACH AND EVERY photo used for this project, please check out the following video on you YouTube channel:

Feel free to watch my other videos and check out my other awesome projects! I hope that you may find them useful!





7 thoughts on “DIY Massive Concrete Cobblestone Patio

  1. My-oh-my! That concrete patio looks absolutely beautiful! I’ve been thinking about a patio in my backyard, but I’m not sure I have my husband completely convinced. I just need to hire you, and then my husband will be on-board! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this project with me. I’m generating some good ideas from it!


  2. Did you color the concrete? Would you mind listing how you prepared your base? There are so many ways ou there (specified number of inches…sand to crushed stone ratio…etc.). Since I will be using the concrete form and yours is so nicely done, it makes sense to use the same method!


    • Hey there! I prepped the base with several inches of crushed stone aggregate, tamped it down super strong and then installed the concrete over that. I did not color the concrete – just natural color. Good luck!


  3. Did you use just regular concrete? and did you use any color for this project? How long did you let it rest before removing the mold?


    • Hey there – I used bags of concrete that you buy at local hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes. I waited like 5 minutes and then gently tapped and removed the moulds.


  4. Thank you for a great way to fill in gaps and holes.


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