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The Conceptualization, construction, and continuous improvement of my DIY Barrel Stove Outdoor Furnace

DIY Barrel Stove Outdoor Furnace Air Induction

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I recently added a valuable upgrade to the Barrel Stove Outdoor Furnace – Forced Air Induction. Using a salvaged squirrel cage bathroom exhaust fan and some HVAC ducting, I was able to build an outdoor, weatherproof air induction system for the furnace.


I decided to add an air induction system to help burn fuel that normally would not burn without the assistance of forced air. Specifically green, unseasoned firewood. Correctly forced air induction will greatly assist in fuel combustion in situations where a fire will not self-sustain. During those cold, humid days along with wet, green, unseasoned firewood, the forced air induction will allow combustion to happen.

One very important aspect of the air induction system is the steel plates. The steel plates essentially diffuse the incoming air into the barrel. Without the steel plates, the air induction is essentially useless. The steel plates diffuse and guide the air into a circular pattern where all fuel will burn. Without the plates, only a certain portion of the fuel burns and then combustion terminates.


  • Squirrel Cage Fan – salvaged from a bathroom exhaust fan
  • 3 inch galvanized HVAC ducting – directs the forced air into the barrel stove
  • Household light switch and weather proof outdoor housing – an elegant on/off switch convenience
  • Electrical cord – to plug fan into outdoor power outlet
  • Steel plates – used to diffuse incoming barrel stove air
  • 2 inch black NPT pipe nipple and pipe coupler – installed in barrel’s existing 2 inch NPT hole to allow connection of HVAC ducting

2014-12-29 16.32.05


Barrel stove with forced air induction mounted

2014-12-27 11.34.36

Weather proof outdoor housing and modified bathroom exhaust fan for weather resistance

2014-12-27 11.34.47

Weather protected household switch

2014-12-27 11.34.57


I do not always use the air induction. I only use it whenever I realize that I am trying to burn unseasoned fuel and if the outdoor conditions are wet and humid. If I use the air induction with well seasoned fuel, the barrel will burn too hot and get over-fired. I have made the barrel glow cherry red when keeping the induction fan on! This is meant to be used under the conditions that I described.

If you prefer to watch a video version of this presentation, check out the following:

Here are the components that are used to completely build the DIY Barrel Stove Outdoor Furnace:

ID Name Description Link
1 Relay Contactor On/Off switching of up to 60 Amps of electrical current [#AD]
2 Taco 007-F5 Cast Iron Circulator, 1/25 HP Pump for wood stove liquid loop [#AD]
3 PEX Manifold In-home heating system water distribution manifolds (2) [#AD]
4 3-Way 304 Stainless Steel Ball Valve T-Type 3/4″ Diverter valve – used to divert water to the wood stove whenever using wood stove as heat source [#AD]
5 Power Failure Alarm Alarm used to alert you whenever wood stove has run out of fuel – when alarm sounds, go out there and reload wood. [#AD]
6 Swing Check Valve Used through out the system to maintain flow direction [#AD]
7 Backflow Preventer Required when connecting the wood stove liquid loop to domestic water supply [#AD]
8 Pressure Reducer Required to reduce wood boiler water pressure [#AD]
9 ¾ inch Copper Coil, 100 feet Copper coil installed inside wood stove to pick up heat – get as much as you are willing to spend. [#AD]
10 Latches These latches secure the top-feed can components. [#AD]
11 Rutland Furnace Cement Use this cement to seal all barrel stove components such as the door, the flue, and any other areas that you dont want leaking [#AD]
12 Vogelzang Barrel Stove Kit Basic  Converts barrel into stove [#AD]
13 Vogelzang Barrel Stove Kit Deluxe  Converts barrel into stove [#AD]
14 US Stove Barrel Stove Kit Basic This is what I have [#AD]
15 Vogelzang Barrel Kit Hot Plate Used for cooking – works great! [#AD]
16 Line-Voltage Thermostat Thermostat that controls my home heating system’s pump and electric hot water heater [#AD]
16 Programmable Scheduling Line-Voltage Thermostat Thermostat that controls my home heating system’s pump and electric hot water heater [#AD]
17 Snap Switch Automatically engages / disengages wood stove circulator pump – You simply start the fire and the pump engages. The pump shuts off when the wood flame dies out and temperatures fall. [#AD]
18 T & P Relief Valve Safety valve REQUIRED for system operation [#AD]
19 Plate Heat Exchanger Allows for the separation of two liquid loops – required in freeze zones. [#AD]
20 Circulator Pump Isolation Flanges Elegant method of mounting your circulator pump [#AD]
21 Stove Burn Indicator Thermometer Required to monitor if you are burning too hot or too cold [#AD]
22 Shark-Bite Coupler Quick connection of plumbing [#AD]
23 Wireless Portable Temperature Monitor A high-tech wireless temperature monitor and configurable alarm to alert you to load wood [#AD]

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